Red spots around the belly of the limbs when drinking

Red spots

Red spots around the belly of the limbs (deteriorating symptoms when drinking)

Red spots

Q: She’s in her mid-20s. My arms, legs, and stomach itch. Along with him, there was a red spot. Symptoms worsen when drinking. There was an ointment for skin disease at home, so I tried it on a few times, but it was useless.

Not long ago, I had sex with a man in his mid-50s, my boss, at a motel.” (I asked for a favor on my stomach.)

After the relationship, he took me to the bathroom and urinated in my body. Do you think that’s what caused the skin disease? Do I need to go to the dermatologist for treatment?

A: Red spots on the body, such as arms and legs, and around the stomach, are very common skin diseases. Each person can have a variety of symptoms, such as itching or accompanied by spots.

The symptoms of athlete’s foot, eczema, and rash are similar. Therefore, dermatological diseases can be accurately diagnosed only when a specialist directly sees the patient’s condition. Please visit your nearest dermatologist for proper treatment.

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