Pal milk coffee spot removal pigmentation laser


Pal milk coffee spot removal pigmentation laser (Andyag, Alexandrite, Ruby Laser)


Q: A woman in her mid-20s with milk coffee spots on her arms. This speck has been my long-standing complex. In adolescence, I only wore long sleeves in summer.

Which one is effective in removing milk coffee spots, Andy Yag, Alexandrite, or Ruby laser?

Laser treatment will irritate the spots, so is there any possibility that this will cause skin cancer in the future?

A: You don’t have to worry about skin cancer. The types of pigmented lasers are Andy Yag, Alexandrite, and Ruby Razer. Milk coffee spots are difficult to treat and are prone to relapse, so you should treat them repeatedly no matter what laser you use.

Usually, Alexandrite and Ruby lasers are more efficient at removing pigments than Andy yag, but if the size of the spots is small, it may be more effective to remove them with the Aubum yag laser.

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