The meaning of the number when blood pressure is measured.


The meaning of the number when blood pressure is measured.


Blood pressure test method

Blood pressure measurement is a simple way to check if blood pressure is too high or too low.

Blood pressure is a term for the strength of the force applied to the sides of the artery as the blood circulates through the body.

High blood pressure can burden arteries and body organs, raising the risk of causing serious problems such as myocardial infarction and stroke.

Low blood pressure is not usually serious, but it can cause dizziness and drowsiness depending on the person.

Blood pressure measurement is the only way to know if blood pressure is too high or too low. Because most people don’t show any obvious symptoms related to blood pressure. Blood pressure measurement is easy, and it can save lives.

Blood pressure measurement time

If you’re worried about your blood pressure, ask for a blood pressure test. Blood pressure measurements can be taken in many places, including local clinics.

It is recommended that adults aged 40 and over should be tested for blood pressure at least once every five years, so they can detect possible problems early on.

If you have already been diagnosed with high blood pressure or low blood pressure, especially if you are in a high-risk group of high blood pressure, you should take blood pressure measurements more often to watch your blood pressure. High-risk groups of hypertension are as follows.

1. A person over 65 years of age

2. A person who is overweight or obese

3. A person of African or Caribbean descent

4. Anyone with hypertension among their relatives

5. People who eat too much salt and not enough fruits and vegetables

6. A person who lacks exercise

7. People who drink too much alcohol or coffee or caffeine

8. A smoker

9. Sleep deprivation

The meaning of the blood pressure test results

The test results come in two numbers.

Systolic blood pressure is the pressure that the heart pushes the blood out.

Relaxing blood pressure is the pressure when the heart is resting between beats.

For example, ‘140/90mmHg’ means that the systolic blood pressure is 140mmHg and the relaxer blood pressure is 90mmHg.

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