Corona’s mild fever lasts four days, really? He’s in his mid-40s


Corona’s mild fever lasts four days, really?


Q: He’s in his mid-40s. Four days ago, I had stomachache and diarrhea. Symptoms improved after taking plum juice and digestive medicine, but the mild fever (36.8 to 37.2 degrees) did not go away. I am currently suffering from insomnia due to the lingering heat of the midsummer. Maybe that’s why I have a throbbing headache. I’ve never slept more than two hours a day for four days. I hope it’s not a coroner’s, is it?

A: If you have viral enteritis, the fever may persist for about 5 to 7 days. Taking Tylenol or ibuprofen relieves symptoms.

It’s too early to suspect a coronal infection with a mild fever alone, but if the symptoms persist for more than a week, contact the 1339 call center or health center immediately to consult an expert.

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