Tottenham’s weekly thief Rose arrested in a speeding accident at 4 a.m


Tottenham’s weekly thief Rose arrested in a speeding accident at 4 a.m.


Danny Rose (30), a former England national team defender who was not completely included in Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho’s plan this season, caused an accident while driving too fast  파워볼사이트

The Sun said on the 24th (Korea time), “Rose had an accident at 4 a.m. when he was driving too fast and hit a median strip on the highway. Luckily, Rose was not hurt but was arrested by police. “It wasn’t drunk driving.

According to the article, Rose’s vehicle collided with a median strip, damaging the bumper, and missing one wheel. “It was fortunate that he survived,” one source said. It is not known what caused Rose to drive at 4 a.m.

Rose is currently being held at the Northampton Police Department. A spokesman for the National Police Agency said, “The suspect can only confirm his arrest for dangerous driving. Further comments are no longer appropriate at this point.

Rose is not on Mourinho’s plan this season. He has been excluded from both the Premier League (EPL) and Europa League. When he was rented to Newcastle in January, he criticized Mourinho for “not giving him a fair opportunity,” but he has been completely ignored.

After returning to Tottenham, Rose only played twice in the second-tier league this season. Last summer, he also tried to rent other teams in the transfer market, but he remained weak due to his high weekly salary of 70,000 pounds (about 100 million won). The contract period between Tottenham and Rose is until June 2021. If there is no dramatic reversal, Tottenham is expected to leave due to the expiration of the contract.

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