Netflix 365days A Brief Review of the Nullible Film


Netflix 365days A Brief Review of the Nullible Film

I watched a new movie on Netflix.

I didn’t know it was this kind of movie, but it can’t be this bad.

I think it’s more erotic than the 50 shadows of Grey.

The content is as sloppy as the 50 shadows of Grey.

The lines are worse.

It was so childish that it was hard to see.

Even though I stopped in the middle of the movie because I couldn’t act, it was a movie that I would never look for again.

But I think the main character, Michele Morone, made it less difficult for everyone.LOL

So handsome actor, Michele Morone.

He is so handsome that I wonder where this kind of actor came from.

He’s even tall and he’s got a nice body. He’s more handsome in the movies.

Michele Morrone

Born in 1990,

have two sons under one’s command

My wife and I were married for four years from 2014 to 2018.

After the divorce, he was so sad that he worked as a gardener in a very small town.

Born in Mellegnano, Italy.

Officially, it says 186cm, but it looks really big.

There’s a huge height difference when I’m with the heroine.

I guess everyone looks the same, but this movie has become very popular in Europe.

The number of followers has increased tremendously and succeeded. LOL

I don’t know why you’re so hot.

So when I looked at my career,

I studied theater at Teatro Fraschini Di Pavia,

He is also a singer and professional guitarist who released an album.

And 365 days, this movie became an international star.

Anna Maria Sieklutska is the heroine.

Anna-Maria Sieklucka

Born May 31, 1992.

Because there’s a lot of violence.

It can be very uncomfortable to see in some scenes.

In fact, the movie was about kidnapping, violent scenes.

I’ve heard you talk a lot.

But beyond all this,

Michele Morone’s Hot Attraction

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