Corona heartburn? I have a sore stomach and indigestion


Corona heartburn? I have a sore stomach and indigestion.


Q: He’s in his late 20s. I’ve had heartburn and indigestion since three days ago. No chest pains, frustration, difficulty breathing, or fever. I don’t have a phlegm, cough or runny nose. I’ve never done this in my life, but my heartburn has continued for three days.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases of Corona 19 has increased, so I’m worried for no reason. It’s just heartburn, right? It’s not a coronal precursor, is it?

A: Corona 19 symptom expression order is as follows:

a fever > a sore throat / headache / muscle pain / loss of taste / smell > nausea / vomiting > diarrhea

It’s too early to suspect an infection by heartburn alone. The reason for this symptom is that there is something wrong with the gastrointestinal digestive function. Avoid foods that strain digestion (such as flour, greasy, instant, sour, and sweet) smoking and drinking are recommended.

If you experience cough, phlegm, olfactory loss, muscle pain, sore throat, sore throat, back pain, headache, fatigue, boredom, blood, nausea, diarrhea, and palate loss with a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, contact the 1339 call center or health center immediately for consultation.

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