Dallas coach Donchic. I was thinking about opening January or February


Dallas coach Donchic. I was thinking about opening January or February.


Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlyle explained that the reason for the team’s early slump, which began to slow down, was confusion about the opening schedule 토토사이트

Carlyle said in a video interview after winning an away match against Houston 113-100 at Toyota Center on the 5th (Korea time), “I tried from beginning to end. Much better than yesterday. “It was a great achievement to tie the opponent to 100 points,” he said.

Dallas won the game with 33 points, 16 rebounds and 11 assists, with Doncic’s triple double. He seems to be slowly recovering from his poor shooting early in the season.

“I’ve been watching him every day for more than two years,” Carlyle said. “I can’t say I was surprised to see you like today,” he said. He is a great player. He is adapting to the reality of the NBA. I understand that not all fouls are always recognized. He is well prepared for the situation. “It’s nice to see you talking to the referee after the play stops,” he said.

“Luca was one of many players who believed the season would open between January and February,” he said, adding that Doncic did not properly adapt to the season that opened earlier than expected. The preparation schedule has been slightly hampered and is a little behind. It is now clear that it has reached the required level. Everything, such as physical conditioning and conditioning, is going in a good direction. “You’ll see me improve every day,” he said of Donchichi`s condition.

“I’m ready to run,” Donchich said. He continues to practice conditioning and is in better shape. We still have a lot of games left, and we have to stay in shape.

“I prepared a massage treatment for my child,” he said after failing to play the previous day due to a bruise on his quadriplegia. “I wasn’t seriously injured, I was ready to play.”

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