Probability of pregnancy during menstruation (6 days)


Probability of pregnancy during menstruation (6 days) in extraterritorial conditions


Q: She’s in her early 20s. Today is my sixth day of menstruation. Early in the morning, my boyfriend woke me up and asked for oral sex. I worked hard with my mouth and ended up in a relationship. I had an extraterritorial affair without a condom. What is the probability of pregnancy during menstruation? I’m so worried. Do you think I should do an endoscopy?

A: When you look at menstruation, your chances of pregnancy are very slim. You don’t have to worry too much. However, sexual relationships during menstruation cause vaginal inflammation, injury, etc. and are not hygienic, so it is recommended that you do not have sex as much as possible during this period.

If you are worried about pregnancy, please test it with a pregnancy test two weeks after the last sexual intercourse date. The first urine test in the morning will check for pregnancy.

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