Golf Course Hit hardest by Corona 19 The Bold Eagle Golf


Golf Course Hit hardest by Corona 19


The Bold Eagle Golf Club in Point Roberts, Washington, closed in March last year. I don’t even have a promise to open the door. A course manager is remaining to mow and hold out weeds threatening the green.

With the Corona 19, Korean golf courses have become a blessing in disguise. This is because many people have found relatively safe golf courses. It recorded the highest sales ever. Golf courses in other countries, including the United States, are also booming 안전놀이터

On the other hand, there are golf courses that have suffered from Corona 19. The U.S. golf dotcom introduced the Bold Eagle golf course, which was directly hit by the corona on the 6th. The golf course is considered one of the top golf courses in the northwest of the U.S. because it is close to the sea, wooded, and has a good course.

This is why the damage to this course is so serious. The United States and Britain signed the Oregon Treaty in 1846 on the West Coast, where there was a territorial dispute. Except for Vancouver Island, the U.S. decided to keep the area south of the 49th parallel north and the U.K. territory north of the island. Since then, Canada has become independent of Britain.

Point Roberts, home to 1,300 people, is a Canadian cultural town 30 minutes from downtown Vancouver. However, it is strictly U.S. territory because it is located south of the 49th parallel north. The village is at the end of the peninsula, so you have to go through Canada to go to the United States.

Canada sealed off the border in March, when Corona 19. We cannot cross the border unless it is an important matter such as an emergency. The border blockade was very strong. The Toronto Blue Jays, a major league baseball team that Ryu Hyun-jin belongs to, had to play their home game in Buffalo, New York, the U.S., last year due to a border blockade.

Canadian golfers, who accounted for 99 percent of the customers at the Bold Eagle golf course, could not come. It is more difficult for an American golfer to visit. You have to cross the Canadian border from the United States and then cross the border again. The distance is also far. Eventually, Point Roberts became an island isolated from the border.

There is a ship that carries daily necessities from the United States once a week. But golfers don’t come by boat for a week.

Golf Dotcom reported that villagers prefer such isolation. There are gas stations and grocery stores in the town. In particular, there were no coronavirus infections. It has also drawn attention as the safest town in the United States.

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