EPL Goddess Leeds Reporter Sexual Harassment Disclosure Men


EPL Goddess Leeds Reporter Sexual Harassment Disclosure Men are sending DMs to important sites.


Leeds United beauty reporter Emma Lewis Jones, 39, has revealed that she is suffering from sexual harassment 스포츠토토

British media The Sun reported on the 5th (Korean time) that “Jones is suffering sexual harassment from Internet users,” and “some men send her pictures of important parts (of their own).”

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing the third national blockade on the same day, Jones is afraid of spending a long time at home. This is because some fans with extreme perversion tendencies are sexually harassing them by sending photos of their genitals through DM (direct messages).

On the day the blockade was announced, Jones said on social media that he had received “unwanted photos for three hours” and worried, “It will be a long, long six weeks in the future.”

Jones is a popular reporter with 237,000 Twitter followers. He has been loved by many soccer fans since 2017 when he worked as a Leeds United reporter. In particular, Leeds’ promotion to the first division this season drew more attention.

Earlier, he said in an interview, “I’ve never liked soccer in the past. But working with Leeds United, he became a huge fan. “Now I’m a big fan of Leeds United,” he said. “Now I’m a big fan of Leeds United.

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