safest time in a relationship you are involved without the possibility


The safest time in a relationship when you are involved without the possibility of pregnancy.


Q: I’m a middle school girl in my mid-teens. I had sex with my church brother 11 days ago. I had a relationship wearing a condom, but after the examination, I found that the condom was slightly peeled off. Today is the menstrual cycle, but my menstrual blood hasn’t come out yet. What’s the probability of pregnancy?

Also, when is the safest time to have sex with a no-con without contraception?

A: The probability of pregnancy is slim because the condom has not been torn (burst) or completely peeled off and the semen has not gone in. You don’t have to worry too much.

The possibility of pregnancy is low in relation to the period of menstruation or immediately after menstruation.

If you don’t hear from a pharmacy or convenience store after the scheduled menstruation date, please purchase a pregnancy test device and check it out. The date of use of the emitter is two weeks after the date of the last relationship. You can check whether you are pregnant through your first urine in the morning.

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