Deja vu, a famous line from the movie If Only (2004)

If Only

Deja vu, a famous line from the movie If Only (2004)


If Only

If there is a movie that I must watch before I die, I personally choose this movie without hesitation.

Today is a very important day for Ian, who works for Genome Applied Research Company, to give a presentation on investment attraction.

It’s a day to do it.

Samantha’s getting remarried soon, so she has to leave for Ohio in the U.S. for two weeks.

I ask Ian to come with me, but Ian can’t hear anything.

Samantha wears a jacket she bought at a flea market on top of her dirty underwear before going to work this morning and holds an event before going to work.

Burn your hands in a coffee pot, and bake pancakes with a skilful handling of the frying pan.

the way to work

The drink that the man on the motorcycle threw away was splashed on Samantha’s clothes, stained.

While walking down the street, I bump into the man I was facing.

Ian hits his wrist in the mailbox and breaks the clock glass.

Today is also the day of Samantha’s graduation concert where she works as a music teacher and writes songs from time to time.

She played the violin for 16 years and after studying for three years, she will have a graduation concert at a prestigious British university.

I was so indifferent, that Ian remembered Samantha’since she reminded me.

When Ian goes to work, he asks his secretary for a red cashmere sweater as a gift for Samantha with a reservation for a restaurant.

the secretary’s reply that he had already given a gift before.

Samantha, who came into the house to change clothes, knew Ian had left important documents behind.

We rush to the hotel where the investor relations session is held, and we open the door during the meeting and talk gibberish.

Thanks to this, the investment promotion briefing session will be a failure.

Samantha, on her way to prepare for her friend Rottie’s exhibition, saw Ian stop by a travel agency and gave her a surprise gift, Ohio.

I’m excited to go with you.

Ian takes a taxi and has a strange conversation with the taxi driver on his way to the concert hall.

They say that if you spend a long time in the driver’s office, you’ll see what the customers think, and that there seems to be a problem with the front

Then Ian asks how to love his girlfriend after thinking about it.

You just have to be thankful and love her.

If Only

After the concert was over, Oliver, Samantha’s disciple, congratulated him, saying, “If you were ten years younger,

Ian cut off their conversation and asks them to hurry to the restaurant.

At last, the two of them fight in the restaurant.

Because of Samantha, Ian felt uncomfortable all the time because of the wrong investment attraction.

I’m telling you that talking to the driver has made you feel better,

Samantha feels like she’s nothing.

He says he doesn’t like this kind of dragging relationship.

He slept at his friend Rottie’s house, said he’d go straight to the airport,

catch a taxi

The taxi driver asks Ian if he is going to ride with him.

But this is the taxi driver who drove Ian to the concert hall and had a strange conversation.

Samantha cries, closes the door, and the taxi leaves.

11 p.m.,

The taxi that was going that far stops at the signal.

A car suddenly rushing toward Samantha’s taxi, which was waiting for a signal.

One of you says you have no choice but to love someone more, but please hope it’s not me…

If Only

He’s rushed to the hospital, but Samantha finally dies.

Ian falls asleep embracing Samantha’s diary, her sheet music, her despair, and regrets.

the next morning

When I woke up in despair and looked at my watch, the glass of the watch was intact.

And I’m not going to let you steal my diary. Samantha’s voice.
Samantha, you’re supposed to be away for 15 days.

an event before going to work with nothing on, with clothes bought at a flea market on the outside.

I burned my hand with a curling iron.

Even the skill of flipping pancakes over.

Ian wears a different tie and a different suit than yesterday, and goes to work with Samantha on a different path from yesterday.

As the motorcycle rider approaches with a drink, he hurriedly hugs Samantha, but the motorcycle just passes by.

a moment of relief

Samantha, who bumped into a passerby on her way, gets her clothes wet and smudged.

The order of things has been changed, but I’ve been living again yesterday.

Tell Samantha that you know everything that’s going to happen today, and she’ll believe it if the glass breaks.

I will accompany him to his office.

an unbroken watch

During the presentation, the hotel manager entering.

a successful investor relations session

Booking a restaurant to the secretary, asking for a gift.

a taxi ride to the concert venue

Again, that taxi driver of yesterday.

Answer Ian’s urgent question of what to do to prevent an accident just like yesterday.

You just have to thank her for being with you and just love her.

If Only

He said he would not accept the fee because he received it yesterday, and even advised him to hurry because he didn’t have much time left.

Anyone who gets used to it and loses its preciousness, regrets it, can experience it a lot.m.

Real love that realizes preciousness and is not afraid of death.

You might think, “This is a movie.”

It is a romance movie that inevitably immerse Ian and Samantha in acting.

Are you in true love?

Or are you taking your loved ones by your side for granted and getting used to them, losing their preciousness and loving them?

Even if you don’t have someone you love right now, wouldn’t there be true fateful love?

I think it’s a movie that you can look forward to.

The feeling of love is very special.

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