Good-bye to the Romero team before the Manchester United breakaway


Good-bye to the Romero team before the Manchester United breakaway.


Sergio Romero (33, Manchester United), who wanted to leave the team, is expected to make his wish come true. 토토사이트

“Daily Star” said on the 8th (Korean time) that Romero will leave the team no later than summer. He has already said goodbye to the team members.

Romero, who left Sampdoria in 2015 to join United, remained behind the ground silently. With David de Gea’s backup, he mainly competed in cup competitions and European club competitions. He played seven games in the league for more than five years.

However, his backup position has been pushed back ahead of this season. Dean Henderson returned and was not included in the league list at all. Romero expressed his intention to move, but United insisted on a considerable transfer fee and remained with the team.

Romero’s wife said at the time, “My husband has been working hard for United. Now it’s time for the club to give them a chance and let them go. Please show respect even once,” he said.

Currently, Romero and United have six months left to sign. Although there is an option to extend it by one year, it is unlikely to be activated.

Romero has not been trained since early this year, the media quoted Manchester Evening News as saying. He said good-bye to the training camp staff last month. According to an Argentine report, Romero is training in his home country for Copa America.

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