Seth Curry Corona 19 confirmed epidemiological investigation

Seth Curry

Seth Curry Corona 19 confirmed epidemiological investigation.

Seth Curry

The Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry has been confirmed to have a new type of coronavirus infection (Korona19)

Adrian Woznarowski, an NBA reporter for ESPN, quoted a source on the 8th (Korea time) to report the confirmation of Curry’s Corona 19.

Curry missed the game with the Brooklyn Nets at Barclays Center due to ankle pain. He was sitting on a bench in the first quarter and was immediately quarantined after hearing the news of the confirmation.

The Philadelphia squad will stay in New York and conduct further tests and epidemiological investigations the next morning.

One good thing is that the bench itself was a structure that used individual chairs for each player to keep distance, and Curry was wearing a mask according to quarantine guidelines 먹튀검증사이트

Nevertheless, considering the strong propagation power of Corona19, the situation is not reassuring. According to Ramona Schellburn, who was sitting next to Curry, the center Joel Embeed will conduct self-isolation until it is confirmed to be safe from the virus to protect his three-year-old son and other family members.

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