Relationship after re-use of condoms woman in her late 20s


Relationship after re-use of condoms (probability of non-term pregnancy)


Q: A woman in her late 20s who is preparing to divorce her husband for three years of marriage. I had sex with my ex-boyfriend during my non-term. Before starting a relationship, the opponent put the condom upside down and immediately took it out of the genitals and put it back on. I wiped the ears with a dry towel just in case there was a Cooper liquid on them. I made a request while wearing a condom, so can I feel relieved? What is the probability of non-term pregnancy?

I didn’t have a second sexual relationship, and I only had a kiss, a breast massage, and oral sex while taking a shower with my ex-boyfriend.

A: There are not enough sperm in the Cooper fluid. Sometimes you get pregnant, but it’s very rare. You don’t have to worry too much. If you are really nervous, please purchase a pregnancy test device at a pharmacy or convenience store and test it. The date of use of the emitter is two weeks after the date of the last relationship.(Because it will be fixed two or three days after sexual intercourse and conceived about 10 days afterwards.) You can check whether you are pregnant through your first urine in the morning.

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