Damien Lee also finished with a dramatic victory over TOR


Damien Lee also finished with a dramatic victory over TOR despite GSW’s poor Curry.


Golden State has won two consecutive games after a hard time.

The Golden State Warriors won 106-105 against the Toronto Raptors in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season at the San Francisco Chase Center on the 11th (Korean time).

The Golden State remained at 11 points with Stephen Curry only 12.5 percent (2/16) of the fielding rate, but six other players did their part by scoring more than 10 points. In particular, Damien Lee led the victory by putting in a free throw just before the end 토토추천

Toronto scored 17 points, with Pascal Siakam scoring 25 points and Fred Van Fleet scoring 21 points and Kyle Lauley leading the last-minute offensive, but unfortunately lost.

While Toronto couldn’t put in the field for nearly six minutes in the first quarter, Golden State dominated with the performances of James Wiseman and Andrew Wiggins. Toronto followed with Siacam, but the Golden State, where Eric Pascal hit a three-point shot, finished the first quarter 31-24.

In the second quarter, the Golden State team ran away by double digits with Lee and Brad Warner Bros. Even if Curry was quiet, the bench resources continued to play, and Golden State continued to enjoy the event. With Dramond Green’s three-point shot, the Golden State finished the first half 61-51.

In the third quarter, Toronto fiercely pursued with Van Fleet and OG Anunobi. However, the Golden State team turned off the lights with Green again three-pointers, and bench resources such as Kent Bayesmore and Pascal ran away. The Golden State finished the third quarter 87-72 with a gap in scores despite Curry’s continued slump.

In the fourth quarter, Lee and Pascal continued their performances. However, Toronto followed Laurie with six consecutive points, and Wanna One’s clear pass foul turned the tide. Toronto eventually turned the tables with Laurie’s offensive and Chris Bushey’s score.

Rather, the Golden State, which gave up the lead, chased Curry to the end with five consecutive points, and turned the game around again with Bayesmore’s breakthrough. However, Toronto made a comeback with a score of 45.5 seconds before the end.

Since then, the Golden State has been defeated by Curry’s turnover, but Bayesmore has revived by blocking Siakam’s layup. With 4.3 seconds left, Lee’s dramatic free throws were all successful, and the Golden State took the lead by one point. On the last attack, Toronto missed a shot of remorse by Siakam.

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