Laguna-Tyler Davis The reason they’re the best combination


Laguna-Tyler Davis The reason they’re the best combination is respect and trust.


As the best players built trust in each other, no one could stop them.

Jeonju KCC came from behind to win 84-83 in the fourth round of the 2020-2021 Hyundai Mobis Professional Basketball Incheon Electronic Land held at Gunsan Wolmyeong Gymnasium on the 10th.

The end of each tense game was decorated by Tyler Davis. 0.6 seconds before the end of the game, he scored a tip-in goal after three offensive rebounds, ending the fierce game 메이저사이트추천

In fact, at the last minute, coach Jeon Chang-jin chose tactics to use Ra Gun-ah, not Davis. At the end of the operation, however, Davis was called by name and turned into an attack using height advantage. And the choice was right.

The situation could have been disappointing for Ra Gun-ah, who has strong self-esteem. Even it was Ra Gun-ah who filled Davis’ lackluster performance at the E-Land match, so exclusion at the crucial moment could have come as a psychological blow.

However, when Davis’ tip, the score was successful, Ra Gun-ah raised her hands and cheered. It was not a pretentious gesture of victory, but a genuine expression of joy for Davis and his team’s victory.

Prior to the season’s opening, the combination of La Gun-ah and Davis had mixed expectations and worries. Although Ra Gun-ah was the king of the KBL for a long time, Davis’ skills were threatening enough. Some say that it will be used as a main option.

Ra Gun-ah, who has been guaranteed an average playing time of more than 30 minutes since the 2015-2016 season. As he had a strong pride in himself, he was also determined to guarantee his playing time. Therefore, the distribution of playing time with Davis was an issue. If there was discord, it could have been a big problem because it would be difficult to replace Ra Gun-ah.

But Ra Gun-ah and Davis respect each other. I trust you again. The main option is to shake off the greed and sincerely follow the team’s choice for victory.

A KCC official said, “We may ask each other to give us more time to play. They are also players who have that much skill. However, both Gunana and Tyler (Davies) have a lot of respect and trust. In particular, Davis tells the coach (Jeon Chang-jin) or the bench right away when his knees are not at all good. In fact, in the beginning of the season, when Gun-ah was out due to an injury, she went too far He could have insisted on guaranteeing his playing time when Gun-ah returned. But he didn’t. Then Gun-ah was able to find her condition quickly. I am just grateful that they make choices for each other and for the team rather than for their personal record.”

KCC’s playing time for foreign players is quite ideal. Neither Davis’ condition nor his current performance has changed significantly. However, a player in good condition only plays for a little more than 20 minutes. It is possible because it is KCC. Ra Gun-ah and Davis can compete with their main foreign players.

However, only when a good situation like now lasts for a long time can KCC dream of a normal challenge for the first time in a long time. Head coach Jeon Chang-jin once said, “If we have a crisis, the emotional and physical problems of foreign players will be the biggest cause.”

The combination of Ra Gun-ah and Davis is creating a rare synergy effect in the two-man foreign competition. Will the harmony of the two players last until the end of the season? It is positive for now.

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