Movie Recommended Notebook Stories Based on Real Story


Romance Movie Recommended Notebook Stories Based on Real Story


You all know the saying, “First love doesn’t come true,” right?

There is a myth like this, but the reason why first love is beautiful is because it hasn’t come true, so it can be remembered and remembered beautifully.

But there is a movie that broke the unwritten rule of first love.

Also, the movie was revealed as a true story and became a hot topic.

Today, let’s take a look at “The Notebook,” which is considered one of the most popular romantic movies of life, by perfectly portraying a man who keeps his first love to the end!

The movie “The Notebook,” which was released on November 26, 2004, is a romance film about the excitement and pain of fateful first love, which tells the story of a man and a woman who met as a child falling in love.

The main characters are Ryan Gosling, the lead role in the movie “La La Land,” and Rachel McAdams, who also played in “About Time.”

Noah, who grew up in poverty and poverty, and Noah (Lion Gosling), 17, who followed his friend to the festival carnival, fell in love at first sight with Ally (Lachel McAdams).

They fall in love with each other at a rapid pace, but Ali’s parents’ opposition was severe and Ali went to college in New York, far away, and they parted ways.

Eight years later, Noah sold his house to build a mansion, his lifelong dream of living with Ali when he met her.

Ally, who is 24 years old, happens to hear about Noah in the newspaper. But next to Ally, there is already a fiance who promised to love.

In the face of an unforgettable first love, Ally is once again at a crossroads. Will Ally be able to come back to Noah?

“A love story that’s more touching because it’s a true story.

The Notebook is based on the bestseller ‘The Notebook’ by Nicholas Sparks, the master of romance novels.

Did you know that The Notebook is based on a true story?

It was found to be based on the real love story of the author’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, which drew much attention.

Nicholas Sparks, the master of romance novels, has dreamed of becoming a writer since he was a child, but he, who worked for a pharmaceutical company, hears their love stories from his wife’s grandparents the day after his wedding.

I’m going to listen to this and publish it in a book. I make up my mind.

The main character in the real story is the British couple Jack Potter and his wife Phillies, who visit nursing homes every day for their dementia-stricken wife, showing her diaries and photos she has kept throughout her marriage, reminding her of the time she loved together.

It is said that Porter was such a lover that he recorded the vacations, the daily lives, and even the trivial conversations that we had with each other when he was dating his real wife.

The Notebook, the original work of The Notebook, was the first of its kind by a rookie writer, but it was already an unusual work that began to make headlines for the birth of a great love story in the publishing industry and signed a $1 million copyright contract.

When you make a movie of a novel, you have no choice but to add adaptations.

In the movie “The Notebook,” the novel was adapted more dramatically, adding a new scene of the main character “Noah” hanging on to the Ferris wheel, and the letters written and sent once a month by “Noah” were transferred to the film, increasing to 365 letters a day.

Nicholas Sparks, the original author of the novel, was also satisfied with the adapted film.

I thought the novel was based on a true story, but the original movie itself is more touching and beautiful.

A few years after breaking up with a loved one, we met again and love each other again, which is a romance movie about the fateful love of love.

“Lion Gosling & Rachel McAdams Sweet Chemistry”

The main characters of the movie The Notebook, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, have become icons of romance.

Before the release of “The Notebook,” the two actors, who had been less well known to the public, made a big hit, with their films remaining in the top 10 in the American box office for eight weeks, and they immediately caught the eyes of movie fans around the world.

The couple, known for their passionate touch in front of paparazzi, is now known to have been dating for more than three years, although they broke up.

Ryan Gosling, who loves only one person, and Rachel McAdams, who plays Ali, a cheerful rich girl, show a lovely lover in the movie The Notebook. Watch their fantastic acting breath in the movie and feel the best romance ever seen on the screen.

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