How to avoid tooth decay (preventive food) attached to the surfac


How to avoid tooth decay (preventive food)


Food waste is attached to the surface of the teeth, and over time carbohydrates and sugars in the food are broken down by bacteria to form acids. This acid causes tooth decay by dissolving hard tissue, namely calcium and phosphorus minerals.

A cavity is a food that decays and decays by acidic substances produced by sugar, sugar, and bacteria in the mouth. When a tooth decay occurs, the firm tissue of the teeth continues to be destroyed and the area becomes larger.

Most of the areas where cavities occur are molars that do not remove food by brushing their teeth. And there is a difference between teeth and teeth. The part where the roots of the teeth show is good looking and looks good on you because of the poor brushing.

Dentists say girls look better than boys because girls grow up faster than boys. In the case of adult women, frequent vomiting and poor oral hygiene during pregnancy and childbirth can lead to improved female cavities. You should pay special attention to pregnancy and childbirth.

When you are healthy, you can apply fluoride to the surface of your teeth or prevent cavities to fill your teeth grooves. Because there is no pain at first, it is recommended to have regular dental checkups for early treatment. You should treat it as soon as possible as you are stimulated by the cold and hot weather. You need to pull out your teeth. After the gum has been treated, artificial teeth must be made using the teeth on both sides.

Let’s find out how to prevent cavities. This is prevented by removing the prague. There are many ways to prevent tooth decay, but the most important thing is that it consists of food on the ground and bacteria in the mouth 비아그라효과

To get rid of the prague, you should learn to brush your teeth after meals and keep your mouth clean. To prevent this, it is important to brush your teeth at least three times a day, three minutes after meals, because a bacterial membrane forms on the surface of your teeth after three minutes.

In particular, children should eat breakfast to get rid of the habit of eating snacks, and it is not recommended to eat snacks before going to bed. Also, you should develop a habit of rinsing children’s teeth after eating foods that are fatal to children’s teeth, such as ice cream and soft drinks.

Eat food that is beneficial to mouth health. Eating healthy mouth foods and reducing harmful foods as much as possible can also help prevent cavities. This reduces the intake of high-sugar foods such as biscuits, cakes, chocolates, gums, donuts, sugar, and bread that make cavities good. Flour food, etc. As you know, these foods are attached to your teeth, which improves tooth decay. You know it’s good to brush your teeth right after eating these foods.

However, it is recommended to eat fatty foods such as walnuts, pine nuts, peanuts, or protein-rich foods such as beef, pork, chicken, fish, and fish. Also, if you eat a lot of vegetables or fruits, it helps prevent cavities by washing your teeth.

Use fluoride to keep your teeth healthy. There is a method of using fluoride to increase resistance to acids, which has been shown to be effective in preventing cavities. Fluoride is a key ingredient in dental health that can prevent tooth decay. Fluoride protects teeth from acids produced by bacteria and forms a fluoride film on the surface of teeth, inhibiting the enzyme activity of bacteria and inhibiting early tooth decay. Mixing fluoride with a small amount of water is good, but only Jinhae and Cheongju are currently applicable in Korea. It is being tested.

Another way is to apply fluoride to the dentist’s teeth. This fluoride application is said to have a preventive effect of 40 to 70 percent on tooth decay.

There is a way to brush your teeth in advance to prevent tooth decay. The chewy side of the molar is made up of a rough shape, so you can break the food. There are deep, thin cracks and small holes that cannot be seen by the eyes, where food and lazels fit together. The toothbrush won’t remove the food in this gap, so your toothbrush will get better. Use orthodontics to prevent food from getting caught by filling these gaps or holes with resins made of plastic in advance. This method has the advantage of preventing cavities by 65 to 90% without artificially changing teeth.

Braces are only available for children between the ages of 5 and 15 who have permanent teeth. It is good for people with a high rate of tooth decay or deep clumps of teeth. Despite these efforts, when a cavity develops, it spreads and if it invades the nerve region of the tooth, it must be treated or removed. In some cases, it is most important to go to the dentist as soon as possible to get the proper treatment so that no more cavities are left.

A cup of water can replace a toothbrush. Brush your teeth before going to bed, right after meals, after snacks, and after meals all the time, not to mention brushing your teeth. If it’s hard to brush your teeth, just one glass of water works!! You can close your mouth and drink or put it in your mouth. A cup of water is washed away because sugar in the food decomposes and makes acid on the surface of the teeth.

Sometimes it’s good to chew hard food. It also strengthens the jaw muscles. When you chew hard food such as dried clams, dried fish, fried beans, bracken, and seaweed on one side, it gets gum on your gums.

It’s better to eat sweet food right after a meal than a snack. There is a saying that cavities are more common in snacks than snacks, especially after snacks, because the snacks themselves are relatively sweet or there are many snacks. This is because there are more cases where cleaning is impossible.

After studying when sweet food doesn’t go bad, we concluded that it’s time to eat right after meals. It is relatively less harmful that the mouth is already dirty right after the meal, and that you eat sweet food that has gone bad on top of it is relatively less harmful. Eating the same amount of sweet food at once is less harmful.

It is well known that the cause of cavities is sweet food, sugar. However, sweet food cannot be completely banished from everyday life. So one countermeasure is to reduce sugar, choose sweet food, or avoid the most harmful effects on your teeth. Maintain an acceptable amount to reduce the amount you want to eat. If you eat a little more often, it’s more dangerous than eating all at once.

Tooth decay is treated before it develops into a systemic disease. Everyone knows that eating food, a source of energy, is very important to have a biorhythm. The most important part of the digestive process is chewing and swallowing well. A person’s baby teeth are removed and permanent teeth come out at the age of 12. There were 20 permanent teeth in the spot where the catch was, the rest were replenished, and 32 were added.

You’ll get a permanent tooth. Of course, there are people with wisdom teeth and there are people without wisdom teeth. If you look at the diseases in your teeth, there are mostly cavities, gum disease, and problems with arrhythmia. When a disease such as a cavity or a cavity occurs, it does not stop, but it is related to a systemic disease. In other words, chronic pyrogenic inflammation in the mouth can lead to secondary systemic diseases.

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