It was a scary thriller movie to find me. 2014.10.23

It was a scary thriller

It was a scary thriller movie to find me.


It was a scary thriller

Director: Debbiebitt Fincher

Actor: Ben Eflack, Rosament Pike, Neil Patrick Harris, Tyler Perry, Missy File.

Opening date: 2014.10.23

What’s your movie rating?

Visitors: 8.30

Reporters & Critics: 8.00

Netizens: 8.30

I’ve never seen a movie like this before. I’m so scared.

I know the ending of this movie, but I’ve seen it three times.

It’s based on a novel. It’s based on Gillian Flynn’s novel.

Actually, I don’t think it’s a movie worth watching many times. Once you know the ending,

That’s how ridiculous, scary, and upsetting it is.

It’s because of that. But it’s still a strong movie to remind you of.

From the very beginning, the heroine goes somewhere because her indifference and love cools down.

They leave, and as the case begins, they go back and forth between the past and the present.

The process will be shown in the form of showing the screen. But, at some point, a woman’s…

When the sad story turns upside down, a man can’t help but get scared.

I think it’s a picture of the situation. Some say it’s a must-see life movie before marriage.

There are so many things that reveal about marriage.

I think it’s memorable.

On the morning of the fifth anniversary, the story was told when his wife Amy disappeared.

It starts when her husband, Nick Dunne, tells the police she’s missing.

Because he was a celebrity, he was on air, and he was in public.

The story unfolds, and every device in this film is driving Nixon into a suspect.

That’s why the audience can’t help but feel bad about Nick.

But looking at the ending, Amy was a terrible woman and she was trying to find the killer.

We’re going to be hit. It was an Emmy’s play from the start, and the reason was because of their

It’s because the marriage was not satisfactory. Maybe this movie…

How to bring a happy ending to each other.

And when it doesn’t happen at the same time as warning, you can have this kind of mind.

It was a very scary movie because it seemed to alert you.

I thought it was a thriller when I saw the movie, “Find Me.”

I didn’t even think about whether it would go on like this. I

One form of the story is, “I thought he was the killer, but it turns out,

I thought it was a different story. The farther back we go,

The development of the horrifying story seems to have been a factor that makes this movie unforgettable.

The reason why I’ve watched this movie many times is that it’s realistic among thriller movies.

The psychological description of the character is very good, and the conflict between the couple has been described in a novel way.

I think it’s because I think it’s something. Most people love, but there’s a variety.

Amy in this movie didn’t choose to break up.

I think this is one expression of longing for my husband’s love. only

It’s not the normal way, it’s a psychopath, so I’m a viewer

It’s just amazing. I feel this lonely regardless of gender.

If you’re talking about feeling this way, I think it’s a success.

Also, each clue is set up in detail and enough to play the male lead.

I was convinced that there were many suspicious scenes.

If you get married, why do you think you should be faithful to your family?

It was the moment I knew if I could feel it. The settings in the movie, in a way,

It seems unrealistic, but it can happen in real life.

I think I enjoyed watching it.

Most of all, what I wanted to say was, “Find me,” “Faith your family.”

I don’t know what the director’s intentions are, but they’re about a couple.

I think it was the scariest movie of all.

What kind of life will I live in?

Eventually, Amy comes back to Nick. And Nick doesn’t love Amy.

But… you have to love her. I’m continuing my marriage without getting away from her.

The scene from the past throughout the movie, when we loved each other so passionately,

It keeps coming out. Why has he changed so much? This movie is about a five-year marriage.

What I want to say to the couple who are continuing is a nuance, “How about you guys?”

I think it would have.

How were the two people living in the movie going forward? Nick Ey

Now that you know who she really is, how much you’re gonna live in… Haha

It was a movie that made me think.

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