I’m asking Azar Real to transfer, only if the squad leaves


I’m asking Azar Real to transfer, only if the squad leaves.


Ethan Azar (Real Madrid) has announced his transfer. However, only if Zinedine Zidane has left 토토사이트

British media “Curt of Side” said on the 12th (local time) that Azar will also leave Real if Zidane resigns as Real Manager.

Azar left Chelsea for Real in the summer of 2019 with a transfer fee of 130 million pounds (about 194 billion won). Azar, who was the best English Premier League (EPL) cracker in Chelsea, was expected to remain unchanged on the Spanish stage.

But when I opened the lid, I was so disappointed. He was criticized for his weight problems even before the start of the season, and suffered an ankle injury and failed to play properly. He was also infected with the Corona 19 virus. The criticism against Azar intensified after he failed to play a role worthy of the expensive transfer fee.

Naturally, the possibility of Azar’s transfer has been raised. According to the Spanish media Diario Goal, Azar is also expected to request a transfer to Real. However, Zidane puts down the real baton. “Kurt of Side” said, “Azar has achieved his dream of being with his idol, Zidane, but it is not working out well. If Zidane leaves, he will leave Real as well.

However, no team wants Azar under the current circumstances. He is receiving a very high weekly salary and wants most of the transfer money Real spent when he recruited Azar from Chelsea. The transfer fee of fi130 million is quite burdensome.

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