Manchester City Garcia, the key to reaching an agreement with Warsaw


Manchester City Garcia, the key to reaching an agreement with Warsaw is the transfer point.


Manchester City defender Eric Garcia will eventually move to FC Barcelona. However, the timing of the transfer remained the last concern.

Fabrizio Romano, a reporter familiar with the European football transfer market, tweeted on the 13th (Korea time) “Garsia has reached a personal agreement with Barcelona. He will join Barcelona this year. “It’s definitely set.”

Garcia will return to Barcelona after four years. Garcia moved to the Manchester City Youth team in 2017 when he was a member of the youth team 스포츠분석

Garcia, who has been on the growth track since his transfer, made a full-fledged appearance in the first division last season. He played in 20 official games, including 13 Premier League matches in the 2019-2020 season, and appeared in a total of seven games this year, including three league games.

However, Garcia and the Manchester City club’s positions were divided during the playing time. Garcia wanted more time to play as much as he showed potential, but Manchester City had already established a defensive team with expensive players, so it was difficult to allocate enough opportunities for Garcia. Manchester City’s defense is already saturated with Hubeng Diaz, John Stones, Nathan Ake and Imeric Laporte.

With only six months left on his contract, Garcia was given the right to freely negotiate with overseas clubs. On top of that, Barcelona, the former team, reached an agreement again.

Now the question is when to join Barcelona. Barcelona has already signed a contract with a player, so if you wait until June, you can bring Garcia without transfer fee. However, as the league is fiercely competing for the rankings, Garcia could be brought in as soon as possible to add to the team’s strength. However, in order to bring him from the winter transfer market this month, the contract period is not over yet, so he has to negotiate with the Manchester City club once again over the transfer fee.

Reporter Romano predicted, “It is up to the newly elected chairman whether Garcia will move to Barcelona this month or join the summer.” The Barcelona presidential election, scheduled for March this year, will be held on the 24th, a little earlier, as former president Hoseph Maria Bartomeu abruptly resigned early in the season.

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