He’s got light brown blood on his underwear


He’s got light brown blood on his underwear.


A few days ago, I had light brown blood from my underwear, and I’ve been urinating for two more days. As far as I know, it will be transplanted about a week after the fertilization, so can you guess that it was modified around the 10th, which was considered a blood clot?Usually, the relationship is revised after two or three days of dating, and after 10 days, it is conceived. Since then, the pregnancy test is confirmed after two weeks of dating because I count how many weeks it is because I am pregnant. The statue is a bleeding event that occurs when implanted into the inner wall of the uterus, characterized by a bleeding day small enough to be buried on the pad a week after the relationship, and is a very rare phenomenon that does not appear in all women. If you’ve been bleeding for more than two days, it’s very unlikely that it’s epidermis. It’s a very small amount of blood for a day, so it doesn’t bleed very much and hardly feels pain. If the pregnancy test is ambiguous, it is best to visit the hospital for a blood test. After 8 days of sexual intercourse, the test results will take a day. For more information, visit a gynecologist for consultation and diagnosis.

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