The Pogba Liverpool match is a tough one, but it’s not a championship

The Pogba

The Pogba Liverpool match is a tough one, but it’s not a championship match.

The Pogba

Paul Pogba was taking the Liverpool match as a general game, not an important one 토토사이트

Manchester United will play Liverpool in the 19th round of the Premier League (EPL) in the 2020-21 season at 1:30 a.m. on the 18th (Korean time) in Anfield, Liverpool, England. As Manchester United is ranked first with 36 points and Liverpool is second with 33 points, it is expected to be an important match for this season’s EPL championship.

“Everyone knows what’s going on,” Pogba said in an interview with the club ahead of the game on the 15th. We know Liverpool is second, and Liverpool knows we’re first. If we win, it will be 6 points difference from Liverpool. “It’s going to be a very difficult match,” he said.

It’s a rival match and you can be excited enough, but Pogba was unexpectedly calm. “I don’t think this game will decide the league title. It should be recognized as a tough game, not just a simple one. In the future, there will be many important games that will bring about changes (in the future, there will be many important games. Every game is important. We don’t have to talk too much about the Liverpool match.

Analysts continue to say that if Manchester United can win the Liverpool match, it could be their first attempt to win since manager Alex Ferguson’s retirement. But so far, Pogba hasn’t given much thought to winning. “I know (winner) is very difficult. Beautiful moments don’t come easily. We have to keep going. “It’s a matter of how much we desperately want to win because we think we can win.”

Pogba got off to a bad start early in the season after being confirmed as Corona 19. After recovering, he suffered from aftereffects and was even pushed out of the starting lineup. In that situation, agent Mino Riola was criticized by Manchester United fans, saying Pogba was not happy and would move from Manchester United.

However, it seems to be coming back to life recently. He showed good performances in the last game against Aston Villa and Burnley. With ace Bruno Fernandez looking somewhat tired, the role of Pogba in the Liverpool match has become very important.

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