I had nothing to do with Tottenham, but I won as soon as I got PSG


I had nothing to do with Tottenham, but I won as soon as I got PSG.


“You don’t win other than the Audi Cup, do you?”When fans from other Premier League teams are downplaying Tottenham fans, they talk about ‘nothing’.” Tottenham have no Premier League championship. Tottenham won the 2007–08 Carling Cup (now the Carabao Cup) 우리카지노

Pochettino shared Tottenham’s irrelevant history. He was appointed manager of Tottenham in 2014 and took the helm until November 2019. His best performance in the official competition was second in the 2016-17 season and runner-up in the 2018-19 UEFA Champions League. However, he was recognized for his leadership because he made it into a team, not a winning record.

Pochettino, who had never won a championship at Tottenham, reached the top as soon as he took the helm of Paris Saint-Germain. At the 2020-21 French Super Cup held at Felix Bolart Stadium on the 14th (Korea time), Marseille beat 2-1 to lift the trophy.

Mauro Icardi scored the first goal and Neymar, who was replaced in the second half, scored an additional goal with a penalty kick.

This is the first trophy of Pochettino’s career. Pochettino also has no winning experience in Southampton, who led Tottenham, and Espanyol, who made his debut as a coach. Although it is a one-off Super Cup, it is meaningful in that it is Pochettino’s first official competition trophy.

Pochettino, who received love calls from several teams after being replaced by Tottenham, rejected offers from Benfica and AS Monaco and chose Paris Saint-Germain after a long wild life. He then reached the top of the tournament 12 days after his appointment as coach and three games after the third.

“I’m proud and happy,” Pochettino said. It’s a special night because I won the trophy. “I’m grateful to Nasser, chairman of the club, for the chance to coach Paris Saint-Germain, and congratulations to the team’s management.

Pochettino is poised to start collecting trophies in earnest. Paris is ranked second in the league, one point behind the top-ranked Olympique Lyon as of Friday. In the UEFA Champions League, he finished first in Group H and is set to play against Barcelona (Spain) in the round of 16, and is also preparing for the Cup de France’s 64th round.

The Paris Saint-Germain club reportedly promised full support in negotiations with Pochettino. The names of Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Christian Eriksen (inter Milan), Delhi Ali, and Hugo Yoris (Totto) who were with Tottenham are being mentioned in the region.

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