Owen Mourinho, if you take the lead, take out the silver Dombele


Owen Mourinho, if you take the lead, take out the silver Dombele.


“England legend” Michael Owen (42) pointed out that the players are confused because of coach Jose Mourinho’s replacement.

Owen, who is a soccer expert, claimed in an interview with global media “Optus Sports” on the 14th (Korea time) that Mourinho’s replacement of players is counterproductive to Tottenham players 먹튀사이트

When the league match between Tottenham and Fulham ended 1-1 on the day, former Tottenham legend Glenho said, “Tottenham players think of two ideas once they take the lead.” “I think it’s because of the director,” Owen immediately said. “When it comes to 55 or 60 minutes… See how many times after an hour they took out the silver dombele. It was practically the case in all games. I lasted 70 minutes today. So Glenn and I were surprised.

In fact, Ndombele was replaced in the second half of most of his matches. The same goes for the Fulham match. Mourinho sent Carlos Vinicius instead of Ndombele in the 36th minute. “If Mourinho always leads 1-0, he leaves out the attacking midfielder and puts in another midfielder,” Owen said. “If you keep doing that, it’s sending a potential message to the defender. The second goal means I don’t think about it.

This was a criticism of Mourinho’s defensive-oriented football. It meant that once he took the lead, he could put pressure on defenders as he shifted his posture to defense. He also complained about Mourinho’s remarks after the Fulham match that seemed to criticize defenders for allowing the equalizer, saying, “I have no instinct to end the game.” Owen said, “If that continues, the seed will be planted in your mind. We have to get out of that thought.”

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