Unaffordable Korean Movie Shinsegae One of the most


Unaffordable Korean Movie Shinsegae



One of the most memorable movies to watch, such as cable TV and airwave broadcasting.

Every time I watch it, I’m not tired of it, but there are some new movies.

One of them is the movie Shinsegae. Of course, it’s the first time you’ve seen it.

It’s not as shocking as it was, but it’s still new. A few days ago,

I saw it on the air, but the casting went really well, and the actors’ acting skills.

It’s not to blame, and the story is neither lame nor excessive.

However, the level of violence is high and actor Hwang Jung-min’s lines are a little too much.

The rating is somewhat high for the reason you want to. It’s too much to look at with the kids.

That means there is. It’s a really well-made Korean movie called Shinsegae.

Director Kang (Choi Min-sik), the head of the investigation department at the National Police Agency, said, “One rainy day, we were in a car together.

Order Lee Ja-sung (Lee Jung-jae) to infiltrate Gold Moon, the nation’s largest criminal organization.

And Lee Ja-sung, the eight-year-old, is the right-hand man of Gold Moon’s influential figure, Jung Chung (Hwang Jung-min).

It’s done.

Our Prader just needs to trust this guy.

Photographs of the movie Shinsegae Hwang Jung-min and Lee Jung-jae Fisheries Market

Gold Moon’s chairman died in a mysterious accident, and Kang decided on his successor.

In order to intervene, we designed the New World operation, and Jeongcheong went from her hometown of Yeosu eight years ago.

You will trust your own self-reflection, which has been with you for every moment.

I promised you. This is the end.

Movie “New World” Choi Min-sik and Lee Jung-jae’s indoor fishing photos

Chief Kang, who does not cover the fire with water for the operation, continues to strangle himself.

A self-inflicted self-identity that may be exposed at any time may betray itself.

On the other hand, there is a serious conflict between the police and Cheong Wa Dae, which treats them as brothers.

What does Lee Ja-sung decide between the police and the criminal organization?


Photograph by director Park Jung-hoon of the movie Shinsegae

The movie Shinsegae was directed by Park Hoon-jung. Writing scenarios to make ends meet.

The role of many aspirants because they started their careers and gained fame as screenwriters.

He also became a model. Orient at the 39th Fantasporto International Film Festival in 2019

He also won the Express Award for Best Picture. 2019 Paradise Night, 2018 Witch,

I directed V.I.P. in 2017.


Movie “New World” Lee Jung-jae Gold Moon Photograph

Actor Lee Jung-jae plays the lead role of Lee Ja-sung. 24th Buil Film Awards 2015

He won the Best Actor Award in 2020, but save him from medicine in 2019, Sabaha in 2018.

I appeared in the provincial government.

Photograph of the movie Shinsegae Choi Min-sik

Actor Choi Min-sik plays the main character Kang. 2015 Max Movie’s Top 10

He won the Best Male Actor Award for Best Male Actor in the Film Awards, and mathematicians from a country for more than 2019

I appeared in Bongodong Battle in 2019 as a country of happiness.

Picture of the movie Shinsegae Hwang Jung-min

Actor Hwang Jung-min plays the main character Jung-cheong. The 55th Daejong Film Festival in 2018

He won the Best Actor Award. Negotiate in 2020, save him from medicine in 2020.

I appeared in 2019 as a hostage and so on.

Photograph by Park Sung-woong of the New World.

Actor Park Sung-woong plays the supporting role of Lee Jung-gu. Lugal, a recent drama on OCN.

He’s starring in the show, including his guardian in 2020, the boss in 2020 is Han and Heung, and the Closet in 2020.

I’m on the show.

Photograph by Song Ji-hyo of the New World

Actor Song Ji-hyo plays the lead role of CNU. Song Ji-hyo recently appeared on SBS entertainment shows.

Long-time running man, invader in 2019, angry bull in 2018, wind, wind, wind in 2017, etc.

appeared in

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