Holloway’s ear to fight McGregor remains instead


Holloway’s ear to fight McGregor remains instead.


After the game, most fighters receive essential treatment and immediately board the plane and head home 안전놀이터

According to Britain’s The Sun, however, Max Holloway (29, USA), who had a five-round blood fight with Calvin Cater (32, U.S.) on the 17th (Korea time), decided to stay in West Asia Fight Island for another week.

This is due to the match between Corner McGregor (32, Ireland) and Dustin Foyrie (33, USA) that will be held on the 24th.

It is not for the purpose of viewing. He intends to enter the game in a week as a pinch hitter.

“We have a big match next week between McGregor and Foyrie,” Holloway said in an interview after the match on Wednesday. Guess why I’m going to stay here. If anything happens, Dayna White, the UFC representative of UFC, knows my number. And they’ll find me.”

He claims that he will enter the game if either of the two players is vacant due to injury or failure of the system.

However, in order for Holloway to be deployed as an alternative player, medical staff must be allowed to play. Regardless of this, the government should re-examine the amount of hell in a week to pass through the system.

Holloway met McGregor in August 2013 and lost 0–3.

“I want to play McGregor again,” Holloway said before the match against Cater.

He also has a connection with Poi Lee. I lost twice. In the 2012 UFC 143 submission and in the lightweight provisional title match in April 2019, when he played as a featherweight champion, he fell to his knees with a decision was made.

It is also a game with a lightweight title as well as revenge. White said he would pursue a title match between the winner and champion Habib Nurmagomedov.

Throughout the fifth round, Holloway beat Cater 3-0 with overwhelming batting skills. It was such a one-sided game that two jerseys scored seven points with 50-43 and the other with 50-42 to score the victory of Holloway with eight points.

Holloway’s video, which avoided Cater’s fist in the fifth round and shouted, “I am the best boxer at UFC,” became a hot topic.

McGregor laughed, “Lol.”

Will McGregor and Holloway put their fists together as scheduled? Or will a new game be created as Holloway wishes?

The match between Holloway and Cater, McGregor and Foyrie will be broadcast live exclusively on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW on the 24th.

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