Twice a month (a 19yearold woman) I started my period


Twice a month (a 19-year-old woman)


She’s a 19-year-old woman. I started my period twice a month since I was in middle school, but I still do it several times. The menstrual cycle is about two weeks and sometimes it ends. The amount of menstruation is always different and my stomach hurts so much that I can’t move. I get anemia when I have a lot. We take a week off and explode again. I want to go to the hospital after my period, but I don’t know when it will be over. If you show signs of anemia due to menstruation, you are likely to develop anemia in large amounts every two weeks. Symptoms of repeated menstrual cycles within 24 days can cause anemia due to excessive menstruation and may also tend to worsen menstrual syndrome. If you continue to experience symptoms after the beginning of your middle school years, visit a gynecologist during the period to consult and diagnose with a specialist.

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