Brown secretion during menstruation after 2 weeks of extraterritorial


Brown secretion during menstruation after 2 weeks of extraterritorial conditions


Is it brown secretion rather than normal blood when menstruating? I’m worried. It’s been a little over two weeks since I had sex, but I didn’t use contraceptives and went out of wedlock. Is there a possibility of pregnancy?The pregnancy must be in a condition where male sperm penetrates into the vagina through an in-vitro assessment and is implanted. If you get pregnant, your menstruation will not progress. If menstruation progresses, chances are high that you are not pregnant. If the symptoms of black blood are the same as the number of menstrual days, there may be signs of physical and environmental stress or quality abnormalities and may have been released as black blood. Brown blood menstruation is physical fatigue caused by stress. It is often caused by hormonal changes due to environmental factors. Brown blood reduces menstruation, and bleeding and menstrual syndrome are different. It can be restored to regular exercise and eating habits for the first time, and you should visit obstetrics and gynecology for several months to check for vaginal or uterine diseases. First of all, please keep an eye on the progress of this month, and if you have such a period next month, visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for a checkup 비아그라파는곳

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