Brown blood at the end of menstruation Is your period

Brown blood

Brown blood at the end of menstruation.

Brown blood

Is your period of menstruation about a day or two these days? After three days, and then menstruation period, stress is also a long period from 8 to 5 days last month.The last of the recent period, 17, I’m still doing it, but it’s a brown meridian, but why is it the point of acupuncture?If brown is brown due to physical fatigue caused by stress symptoms such as bloodstains, the release with blood is due to hormonal changes caused by environmental factors.It’s possible. Brown thermophilic nir sheep differ from physiological aspects and have less bleeding and physiological syndrome. This is the first time that regular exercise and eating habits can be restored, and in terms of quality and physiology, the patient’s obstetrician has been visiting the institution for months.We examined the uterine disease to see if it was necessary to try. First of all, please go to the obstetrician and examine it this month.

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