Japan’s media reports return to Tanaka Rakuten is realistic


Japan’s media reports return to Tanaka Rakuten is realistic.


FA Masahiro Tanaka’s destination is still unclear. Rumors of a return to Japan are gaining momentum as even the San Diego Padres, which had recently shown interest, have virtually withdrawn 토토추천사이트

San Diego’s most aggressive offseason move was also interested in starting pitcher Tanaka. However, the starting pitcher Joe Musgrove, not Tanaka, was recruited on the 19th (Korean time), and the starting lineup was virtually finished. San Diego, which recruited Blake Snell and Darvish You as trade, has completed a strong five-man rotation, including existing starting pitchers and Musgrove. There is no reason to pay attention to Tanaka anymore.

“The New York Yankees and Tanaka are still in touch,” John Hayman, the U.S. MLB Network, said on social media on the 19th. However, there seems to be a good chance that he will throw the ball elsewhere. “We are showing strong interest in Japan, and there is a possibility that we will offer a larger contract there.”

There have been rumors that the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Angels, including the Yankees and San Diego, have shown interest, but FA players are relatively at a disadvantage as the transfer market has been slow in the aftermath of Corona 19.

Japanese media are predicting Tanaka’s return to his former team, the Rakuten Golden Eagles. Sports Nippon reported on the 20th that “Rakuten Ishii Kazuhisa, director and general manager, is also thinking of suggesting Tanaka a one-year limited return plan.” If Rakuten’s one-year contract terms are superior, Tanaka’s 2021 season in Japan and seeking to re-enter the Major League next season could be a way.

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