Tottenham Hoivier agreed transfer fee of 29.5 billion

Tottenham Hoivier agreed transfer fee of 29.5 billion won plus five-year contract

The Athletics reported on the 7th that Tottenham has agreed to recruit Pierre Emil Hoivier (24), a Danish midfielder from Southampton.

The Athletics said Southamperton accepted Tottenham’s 19 million-pound offer for Hoivier. The term of the contract is five years.

Tottenham reportedly thought of offering 15 million pounds (approximately 22.7 billion won) considering that Hoivier has one year left in his contract.

Southampton hoped for a 25 million pound transfer fee, and the two clubs, which had been negotiating for months, agreed to 190019 million.

League rival Everton was interested in Hoivier, but Hoivier chose North London because he wanted to play with coach Jose Mourinho.This is Mourinho’s first movie in this summer transfer market.

Hoivier, who started his professional career in Bayern Munich in the German Bundesliga, moved to Southampton in 2016 after a lease in Germany.

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