I have a lump in my anus It is difficult for the anus


I have a lump in my anus.


It is difficult for the anus to show abnormal symptoms. If you feel bumpy around the anus, you need to suspect the anus gland. Let’s look at the symptoms and causes of anus drowsiness. Antimicrobial evolution occurs in the form of white or light pink warts. There are many shapes and sizes. It can cause discomfort in daily life by making blood and secretion easily despite the soft touch and small impact. There’s something in the anus. If you are worried about symptoms, it is recommended to visit a hospital for accurate diagnosis.

Antimicrobial pesticides are characterized by their highly contagious. Care should be taken as there is a risk of infection of more than 50% in one contact. That’s what causes the anus. If you touch what’s in the back anus, you need to treat it quickly. Antimicrobial dyslexia has symptoms similar to two syphilis. An accurate examination is required to distinguish this. You shouldn’t judge and try to solve it by yourself. If you miss the treatment period, your symptoms may worsen and you may have difficulty in treatment, so please take an active stance.

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