The direction of Toronto has become clear Completion is an ace


The direction of Toronto has become clear Completion is an ace starting pitcher


Ryu Hyun-jin’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays. Stove league moves were one step behind  안전공원

He always made his name before recruiting big names such as Kim Ha-sung, but he repeatedly came in second place. There were only rumors, but there were no significant achievements. The flame of fans and local media was pouring in. There is also a growing sense of anxiety that “this might end up empty-handed.”

But there was always something to eat at the famous feast.

Once I opened the water bowl, the bot burst. Toronto surprised the market with its storm surge. Following Kirby Yates, he caught outfielder George Springer.

Springer’s six-year total of 150 million dollars (about 165 billion won) is the largest contract in the club’s history, surpassing Vernon Wells’ seven-year total of 126 million dollars in 2006.

Toronto’s greed for players was not the end.

Springer’s Houston-era teammate, veteran hitter Michael Brantley, was also aiming for him. Although it was close enough to the local media’s misinformation that they had agreed to a three-year contract with Toronto, it was lost to Houston, the original team at the last minute.

The direction of Toronto is now clear. After a long rebuilding, he definitely turned to Winnow.

After entering the fall baseball league through the recruitment of ace Ryu Hyun-jin last year, I became convinced that it was time to play the game properly.

The conviction was soon transferred to action. With the full support of Rogers Communication’s owner, he is taking bold steps to fill his weaknesses one by one.

Yeats, who won the first place in the category with 41 saves in the San Diego Padres in 2019, is expected to be responsible for Toronto’s back door, which was slightly unstable last year. Slugger Springer is expected to complete a powerful lineup with young Toronto hitters such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Toronto’s eyes are now on the New York Yankees, the “Empire of Evil,” beyond Tampa Bay. He is aiming to regain the top spot in the American League for the first time since 2015, beating the two teams in the American League group called Jungle.

To this end, reinforcement of the starting rotation is essential.

Toronto is well aware of this. A step toward reinforcing power. It’s not the end. As he has strengthened his batting lineup and bullpen, he is now expected to jump into the game to recruit a big name pitcher who will make a one-two punch with Ryu Hyun-jin.

In the market, there are still special pitchers such as Trevor Bauer, the biggest FA pitcher, and Masahiro Tanaka, who is considering returning to Japan. The recruitment of an ace starting pitcher to pair with Ryu Hyun-jin is expected to be the highlight of the Toronto Stove League, which has already made its direction clear.

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