T1 manager Kim Jung-soo, it’s hard to play the rest of the game

T1 manager Kim Jung-soo, it’s hard to play the rest of the game. Let’s get started.

The face of the Defending Champ is being revealed again. T1 has returned to the winning mode in search of its aggressive appearance. With four consecutive wins, the team has reached the 10-game winning mark of the season, further raising the possibility of a playoff. T1 manager Kim Jung-soo said, “There are a lot of difficult games left,” adding, “I will play the rest of the season with a mindset of starting from now on.”

T1 won the second round match against Summer Split Seol Hae-won of “2020 LOL Champions Korea” at LCK Arena in Jongno, Seoul, on Thursday afternoon. Bot duo ‘Eport’ Lee Sang-ho and ‘Teddy’ Park Jin-sung drove the victory. With the victory, T1 had 10 wins (4 losses, plus a margin of plus 11) in the season, closely chasing Gen.G.

Kim Jung-soo, who met with OSEN after the game, said, “The remaining matches are not easy. This is just the beginning, he said, stressing his future schedule. T1 is set to meet the current No. 1 Damwon and No. 2 Dragon X in a row in the 10th week.   fx마진

Still, the rising performance of T1 is expected to have a positive impact on the remaining schedule. In recent matches, head coach Kim Jung-soo said of T1’s performance, “It’s been noticeably elevated. The players are doing well aggressively,” he said. According to director Kim Jung-soo, Meta has recently changed to “aggressive” depending on the direction of Riot Games. If there is no change in the game based on the strong line match, both LCK and international matches will not be able to perform well.

Coach Kim Jung-soo plans to maintain his current roster. As the “LOL World Championship” (hereinafter referred to as the “LOL World Cup”) is at stake in the summer season, the team believes that it cannot afford to change its roster. However, he gave a positive opinion on the need for veterans. Coach Kim Jung-soo said, “Closeer Lee Ju-hyun has a good posture now. “I think he will continue to play until his shortcomings are highlighted,” he said. “When Lee Joo-hyun is shaken, ‘Paker’ Lee Sang-hyuk could also come out.”

T1 will face Dynamics on May 9. Dynamics once struck T1 in the first round. Head coach Kim Jung-soo, who expressed regret over the defeat at the time, said, “We lost because of mistakes,” and predicted, “If we play in our style, we will have good results.” fx마진거래

At the end of the interview, director Kim Jung-soo told T1 fans to “believe and wait.” “T1 is a team that draws attention from the media, officials and e-sports fandom. Everybody talks a lot about T1. That’s why we tend to evaluate it as easily as we like. There’s still a lot of season left, and T1 has been showing results. We’ll do our best for the rest of the season, so I hope the true T1 fans will trust us and wait for us.”

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