Anus around the anus (purple) about 4~10cm in structure


Anus around the anus (purple)


Anus gland, about 4~10cm in structure. It is a lubricant that is about 1~2cm in anus. This is the lubricant that comes out of the anus to act on this anus inflammation during bowel movements. It is an epidural abscess formed. The anus myoma anus had an easy area to get into the bacteria that caused colonization in the structure. Frequent diarrhea does not always cause infection. Because bacteria occur when the immune system is susceptible to infection. There will be a bacterial infection. In the beginning, there is a slight pain in myocardial abscess or myocardial abscess.

Over time, the pericardium swells, hurts, and has a fever. Inflammation, pain, and pus relieve pain. If you touch it hard, you can easily find it because it’s caught. The diagnosis of abscess by abscess is usually possible by asking or touching a specialist. It is unclear whether the size of the abscess, ultrasonic scanning, is capable of more accurate diagnosis, such as the beginning and location of the anus subject. The depth of the anus and myocardial anus is indistinguishable from the outside whether you can feel pain and cold symptoms during treatment. The abscess can be treated by cutting it off.

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