I fart a lot. The reason why it’s so popular I’m sure everyone farts


I fart a lot. The reason why it’s so popular


I’m sure everyone farts. It’s a natural physiological phenomenon. But if Bangwoo comes out too often, the story changes. It is necessary to check that farting too often is not a health problem. The hemisphere comes out often. Why…? The reasons for farting frequently are dairy products, food rich in dietary fiber, and frequent smoking.

In addition, if you feel symptoms such as abdominal swelling or empty stomachs, gas accumulates in your digestive system and farts frequently can cause discomfort. Bangu comes out often. As a result, you may have a habit of lying down right after a meal, or you may have frequent farts as the air that needs to be released into your mouth stays in your intestines.

If you fart a lot without eating dairy products or dietary fiber, you should suspect that you are sensitive to the intestines or have irritable bowel syndrome. If you fart frequently enough to interfere with your daily life, it is recommended to visit a hospital for a thorough examination. As for good food for the intestines, we have plum and cabbage. Plums contain detoxifying ingredients to help prevent intestinal inflammation by increasing intestinal sterilization. Also, vegetables such as bananas, seaweed, spinach, water parsley, lettuce, celery, shiitake, etc. are good. The reason why farts often appear may be colon disease, so please consult your doctor to find out the exact cause.

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