Pain around the navel (right/left, up/down) A stomachache


Pain around the navel (right/left, up/down)


A stomachache means abnormalities in the digestive system such as stomach, intestines, colon, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas. Depending on the situation, there may be abnormalities in organs other than the heart, lungs, kidneys, uterus, and abdominal cavity, so I think we should take a closer look at the pain area, and today we will talk about the cause of pain around the navel. If you suffer from navel pain, it helps you diagnose when and how you are sick, and visits a hospital to let your doctor know 비아그라효과

If you feel uncomfortable with your stomach, you often think of it as gastritis or dysfunction, but sometimes you are diagnosed with life-threatening myocardial infarction or aortic rupture. You may also suspect appendicitis caused by belly pain. At first, I have a stomachache or a stomachache, and my lower right stomach hurts more and more.

As time goes by, the pain gets worse and is sometimes diagnosed only by abdominal examination. In addition, some of the most common diseases that can be suspected of abdominal pain include pancreatitis, enteritis, digestive ulcer, inflammatory growth disease, abdominal hernia, intestinal disease, and food poisoning. There are many causes of belly pain, so accurate diagnosis by a specialist is needed. If you usually have stomachache other than indigestion, make sure to visit the hospital!

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