good food for diarrhea and bad food Do you often have diarrhea


good food for diarrhea and bad food


Do you often have diarrhea or enteritis that interferes with your daily life? Today, let’s find out what foods to watch out for and what we can eat for diarrhea! What is the cause of frequent diarrhea? The causes of diarrhea include viruses, germs, parasitic infections, and inflammatory bowel diseases. The cause of diarrhea varies from person to person, so it is necessary to check and improve the wrong parts of diet and lifestyle. What food should I avoid when I have diarrhea?

Greasy foods, fried foods, and processed foods can make diarrhea worse because they make digestion difficult. Also, it is better to avoid milk and dairy products. If you have frequent diarrhea, it is also good to drink enough water to relieve dehydration. What kind of food can I eat if I have diarrhea? If you have diarrhea from enteritis, try to eat porridge. Also, eating bananas helps to make up for potassium lost due to diarrhea. Apple pectin is effective in diarrhea and constipation, so it is also good to eat apple or apple juice.

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