President’s personal connections to San Francisco Woodyear Pederson’s


President’s personal connections to San Francisco Woodyear Pederson’s best match.


Will Zak Pederson (28, FA), who led the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series last year, move to rival San Francisco Giants?

Susan Slusher, a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, reported on the 28th (Korean time) that “San Francisco grew up as a San Francisco fan in Palo Alto and talked to Featherson, who knew President Farhan Zaidi and manager Gabe Kepler since the Dodgers 토토사이트

“Federson, who was named to the Dodgers in the 11th round of the 2010 draft, has played for the Dodgers for seven years since his debut in 2014, recording a career batting average of .230 and OPS 0.806 in 748 games.”

Last year, he received his worst performance with seven home runs and 16 RBIs in 43 games, a batting average of 0.190, and an OPS 0.681, and his weakness is that he is very vulnerable against left-handed pitchers. Featherson excelled at batting .238 and OPS 0.849 against right-handed pitchers, while he was not very good at batting .191 and OPS 0.576 against left-handed pitchers, playing mainly as a platoon player for the Dodgers.

However, while playing with Platoon, he made more than 20 home runs four times, and recorded 36 home runs, 74 RBIs, a batting average of 0.249 and an OPS 0.876 in 2019, which he had the best performance.

His strong performance in the postseason was also attractive. “Federson hit nine home runs in 13 postseason series in six years, five of them in the World Series,” Slusher said. “In last year’s postseason, he had eight RBIs in 16 games, 0.382 batting average, and 0.991 OPS,” he said, noting his strong performance in big games.

In addition, Featherson was considered the best player for San Francisco, which is able to play all-outfield positions while mainly playing center field during the Dodgers era, saving left-handed batters and center field.

Another media outlet, MLB Tradumus, noted the connection between Pederson and San Francisco President Zaidi. President Zaidi has hired Alex Wood (30), who served as a general manager for the Dodgers in the past and played for the Dodgers on the 19th, for $3 million a year.

Meanwhile, news of a three-year contract with Los Angeles Angels left-handed second baseman Tommy La Stella was reported yesterday, but San Francisco’s reinforcement did not seem to be over, with outfielders Eddie Rosario and Jackie Bradley Jr. still connected.

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