You want more than $250 million for Bauer? Agent refutes


You want more than $250 million for Bauer? Agent refutes


The last remaining FA market, Big Four Trevor Bauer, what contract will he get?

“The Athletic” released the results of a survey conducted on agents on the 27th (Korean time). Some asked, “Which team do you think Bauer will sign?”

According to this, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Los Angeles Angels tied for first place with five points, followed by the New York Mets with four points and the Los Angeles Dodgers with 1.5 points 토토추천

Why did the Dodgers get 1.5 points? The media reported an agent’s expectation that “Bauer wants 250 million dollars and is holding out to go to the Dodgers.”

Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba refuted the claim. After sharing the capture with the article that delivered the content on his Twitter account on the 28th, Lol said, “To be clear, the source is an anonymous agent who expected what we wanted.”

Bauer and his agent Luba are active on social media and YouTube even though they are FA. Bauer recently explained the terms of the contract he wanted through YouTube. On top of that, whenever reporters delivered a transfer rumor on Twitter, they immediately refuted it.

His behavior seems to undermine his value. “He is a Cy Young Award winner,” one agent told The Athletic. “He’s a good player without a doubt, but he’s too burdened,” Bauer said.

Another agent picked Korean professional baseball as Bauer’s expected destination. This means that there is no team in the Major League to reach out to him. “I’m tired of Bauer’s behavior,” he said. “I think that’s what many players would think.

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