Sam Okyere blames black parody, and he’s a controversial


Sam Okyere blames black parody, and he’s a controversial Asian demeanor.


Sam Okyere, who harshly criticized the black parody of Korean high school students, is expected to face controversy as he has shown a degrading pose of Asians on TV in the past. Because if you don’t recognize the nature of ‘parody,’ your actions also fall into self-contradiction, which is equivalent to racism.

Controversy is spreading as it was belatedly revealed that Sam Okyere appeared as a panel member on JTBC’s “Non-Summit,” which aired in 2015, and showed a disparaging expression of a representative Asian who tore his eyes with his hands when introducing unique competitions in each country.

At the time, Julian, the Belgian representative, said, “There is a face-frowning competition in Spain,” and added, “It is a competition to make the ugliest face possible by making the most use of facial muscles.” It’s called the Ugly Face Tournament in English. “There is a saying that Yoo Se-yoon is the winner of the first competition,” MC Sung Si-kyung said, recalling Yoo Se-yoon’s expression when she was copying a baboon. When Guillaume, the representative of Germany, gathered his face so well that he expected, he burst into laughter. Daniel, the German representative, also gave up his seriousness and challenged himself, but was humiliated by the production team to be mosaic. The production team explained in subtitles, “I wanted to keep my appearance as the number one priority,” making people laugh.

Then, when Sam Okyere tore his eyes with his hands and made a funny expression, most laughed. He explained that he only uses facial muscles, but he took his hand to his eyes. “That’s too strong,” MCs said, citing Daniel, the German representative, as the strongest player in the “non-summit” frown competition.

When Sam Okyere’s remarks, which harshly criticized the African-American parody, became controversial, critics say Sam Okyea opened her eyes, a typical expression disparaging Asians.

“Why did you suddenly show the act of tearing your eyes with your hands on your face when you explained the competition that only frowned with facial muscles on the show?” said netizens criticizing Sam Okyere. “It is excessive for the famous foreign influencer to criticize ordinary students’ simple makeup shows.” He also pointed out, “Is it racism that blackened the face with a simple cosplay?” “I just copied the memes that are popular on the Internet,” and “I should not force the American culture of tabooing ‘black face’ on Koreans who have nothing to do with the history of discrimination against blacks in white people.”

On the other hand, some netizens defended Sam Okyere, saying, “Of course, it can be offensive as a black person,” and “Our country is too insensitive to human rights. The problem is that we don’t know what’s wrong and we just pointed it out.

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