2021 LCK Spring without the strongest and weakest

LCK Spring

2021 LCK Spring without the strongest and weakest

LCK Spring

The third week of League of Legends Champions Korea 2021 Spring, which was first introduced by the franchise system, has begun. Although it is still early in the season, it is not easy to determine the ranking, but LCK is more fierce than ever and has more “honey fun” games that are not easily predictable 안전공원

Before the spring split began, most people expected the league to flow under the “Hwang Hwang” or “Round of 3” system, but LCK teams prepared various cards to overturn this prediction and produced unexpected results.

The people who added more variety and fun to see LCK this season are Freddie Brion, Hanwha Life e-Sports, and DRX. The three teams formed rosters with relatively new players, mainly evaluating that they would remain in the lower ranks until the start of the season. However, Freddit made an extraordinary move to capture Damwon, the ‘detailed team’, and Hanwha Life won four consecutive seasons, and DRX won the African Fricks, Nongshim Red Force, and Liv Sandbox with Hong Chang-hyun as the ‘mark’.

Starting with LCK Summer, Damwon Kia, who won the World Championship and KeSPA Cup last year, was hit by Freddie Brion, who was considered difficult to win the season in the second week of LCK, recording a 0-2 loss in 288 days. Damwon, who showed overwhelming strength, showed signs of shaking after losing the Freddit match, but he is regaining his skills by defeating the African Frix and Gen.G. e-sports side by side.

Gen.G E-Sports started off smoothly with three consecutive wins in the season by defeating KT Rollster, Freddie Brion and T1. In particular, “Rascal” Kim Kwang-hee made a change in the style of play by frequently choosing aggressive champions, and was nominated for the “Hanche Top” with 11 solo kills in five games. However, Gen.G. has been losing its first consecutive game of the season, losing to Hanwha Life in the second week and to Damwon Kia in the third week.

T1, which was highly anticipated by the appointment of the two coaches this season, reinforced its power by recruiting “Keria” Ryu Min-seok to its existing team. However, T1, which won the opening game against Hanwha Life Insurance, suffered a reverse sweep of Damwon, Gen.G., and KT, which were followed, leaving a disappointing result. However, it is too early to determine T1’s ranking for this season because he showed his potential to win the first set of each game or saw the outstanding performance of new players even though he hired new players who were not the main players in the losing process.

The power of KT Rollster, Nongshim Red Force, Liv Sandbox, and Afreeca Freecs is not weak either. KT is recovering little by little the performance that “Yucal” Son Woo-hyun showed in 2018, and Nongshim’s future performance is expected to change depending on the performance of “Peanut” Han Wang-ho. Liv reported one win by recruiting supporter “Eport” Lee Sang-ho while Africa strengthened its power by bringing in “Bang” Bae Joon-sik and “Lehends” Son Si-woo, centered on “The Man” Kim Ki-in. Africa did not seem to be able to roll the gains gained in the early stages of the game into operations until the mid- to late-stage, but if it improves this, it will be able to show off its presence within the “LCK of Chaos.”

Currently, LCK has been leveled upward. Any team can beat the best team in the world, and as soon as any team is careless, this is directly linked to defeat. In LCK, where there are no strongest and weakest teams, the results vary depending on which team designs more detailed and specifically from the Banpick stage of the game. As LCK’s structure can further attract the attention of domestic and foreign viewers and further increase the status of the “Emperor’s League,” attention is being paid to what exciting games will pour out until the end of the spring split.

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