British media criticizes Vale Mourinho for not having a chance to play


British media criticizes Vale Mourinho for not having a chance to play anymore.


Tottenham Hotspur’s recruitment of Gareth Bale (32) is increasingly failing. Local experts say that his relationship with Jose Mourinho (58) is also over. Bale’s current skills are not that good. It’s more of a weekly thief.

“We failed to recruit Bale. He started in place of Harry Kane against Brighton, but did nothing. His relationship with Mourinho is over. “It was too much for Bale to be reborn as the world’s top player under Mourinho in the first place.”

Bale left Real Madrid in September last year for Tottenham on loan. She returned to her family after seven years since 2013. Of course, expectations were high because he was considered the world’s best winger fx마진

However, Bale did not show his past appearance. He scored four goals in 15 games this season. In the Premier League, he scored one goal in six games.

In particular, he was replaced in the 17th minute of the second half without showing anything in the league match against Brighton on the 1st. Kane was injured and got a chance, but he kicked himself. It’s already been 5 months since I came to Tottenham. Expectations turned into disappointment.

“In the beginning, Bale is not Mourinho’s preferred style,” The Sun said. Also, Bale is past his prime. He said he was a good player for Tottenham, but not anymore. Mourinho will use Carlos Vinicius, not Bale, in the next game.

At this rate, there is little chance that Tottenham will completely recruit Bale. Even the money given is considerable. The weekly wage is 600,000 pounds (about 916 million won), and Tottenham pays 220,000 pounds (about 336 million won).

It is expected to be sent back to Real after the lease ends in June. Even if you go to Real, there is no room. In the end, everything was brought on by Bale.

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