What Chelsea Dream Squad does Tuchel want?


What Chelsea Dream Squad does Tuchel want?


Attention is focusing on whether Thomas Tuchel will be able to build the so-called “Dream Squad” by bringing in all the players he wants.

Tuchel took the helm of Chelsea on Jan. 27 (Korea time) to replace the replaced manager Frank Lampard. He started his coaching career at Mainz and went through Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) to steadily prove his coaching ability. Attention was also focused on whether to save Chelsea from the crisis. Chelsea was suffering from poor performance, which failed to reach the top six despite an astronomical transfer fee this summer. That was why Lampard left the team 안전놀이터

Tuchel clearly showed his tactics in two games after his inauguration. It established 300 tactics by actively utilizing Jorginho, Marcos Alonso, and Antonio Rudiger, who were not used under the Lampard system. Cesar Aspilicueta was located at 300 stoppers, Ben Chilwell or Alonso at left wingback, and Callum Hudson Odoi at right wingback. It carried out side attacks through wingbacks and allowed the attackers to move freely in the center and find an attack path.

Like this, Chelsea won the English Premier League (EPL) Burnley match amid Tuchel’s anomalous tactics. It was Tuchel’s first win at Chelsea. It was also Chelsea’s first win in three games. “Coach Tuchel’s Chelsea, who succeeded in recovering from the slump, is preparing to take a definite uptrend through their 22nd round victory over Tottenham on the 5th.”

Along with changes in tactics, changes in the direction of the transfer market were also noted. Chelsea have been linked to several players since Tuchel took over. Elling Holland, Niklas Jule, and Ashraf Hakimi are representative. The news of Declan Rice, which Lampard wanted most, has decreased somewhat. In the case of Holland, competition for recruitment is expected to be fierce as not only Chelsea but also all big clubs are watching his situation.

“Chelsea will maintain interest in Holland and are willing to pay a high price,” the British newspaper Football London said. In case he failed to renew his contract with Thiago Silva, Bayern Munich’s Jule was also on the roster. “Hakimi, who can be more destructive to the right wingback, is also a target for Chelsea.

“We need 200 million pounds (about 300 billion won) to recruit them all. Holland is valued at 134 million pounds (about 200 billion won), Jule and Hakimi at 26.4 million pounds (about 40 billion won) and 40 million pounds (about 60 billion won).

The media predicted “Tuhel’s Dream Squad,” which would be built if Chelsea brought all the players they wanted. In the 3-4-3 formation, Kai Havertz, Holland and Hakeem Ziyech were on the offensive, and Alonso and Hakimi were left and right wingbacks. The midfield was composed by Jorginho and N’Golo Kante, while the three hundred were built by Jule, Thiago Silva and Rudiger. Goalkeeper gloves were worn by Eduard Mendy. Timo Werner, Christian Pulisic and Mason Mount were not included.

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