Let me tell you about the symptoms and causes of appendicitis


Let me tell you about the symptoms and causes of appendicitis.


symptoms of appendicitis

appendicitis is when the appendix swells with pain. The appendix is a small, thin pocket about 5~10cm long. It is connected to the colon where feces are formed. No one knows why we have an appendix, and removing it is not harmful.

An appendicitis usually begins with pain fluctuating in the middle of the abdomen. Within a few hours, the pain will move to the lower right side of the appendix and become severe. If you press, cough, or walk on the painful part, the pain may get worse. If you have appendicitis, you may lose your appetite, feel nauseous, and have diarrhea.

When should I get treatment?

If you feel pain in your abdomen and it gets worse, go to your home or emergency room immediately. If you have a sudden pain and the pain gets worse and spreads to your abdomen, ask for an ambulance immediately. This symptom may be an appendicitis, which may cause life-threatening complications.

How do I treat appendicitis?

In most cases of appendicitis, the appendix should be surgically removed as soon as possible. The appendectomy is one of the most common surgeries and has a very good success rate. The most common surgery is laparoscopic surgery, which involves making a small hole in the abdomen and inserting surgical tools. If the appendix is ruptured or difficult to access, an abdominal opening surgery is also performed. Most recover completely within two weeks of surgery, but avoid severe activity for six weeks.

What is the cause of appendicitis?

It is not clear what caused appendicitis. Most of the time, it is thought to occur when something blocks the entrance to the appendix. For example, a small mass of feces may block, or upper respiratory infections may cause lymph nodes in the intestinal wall to swell. These can cause inflammation, swelling, and pressure from swelling can rupture the appendix. I don’t know the exact cause of appendicitis, so I don’t know how to prevent it either.

appendicitis is a common symptom. In England, about 40,000 people are hospitalized with appendicitis every year. This shows that in 13 cases, one person can develop appendicitis at some point in his or her life. appendicitis occurs in all age groups, but occurs most frequently in adolescence between the ages of 10 and 20.

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