Coach Hara said, “Is a baseball player taking a break


Coach Hara said, “Is a baseball player taking a break from an injured player?”


At the Yomiuri Giants’ spring camp in Miyazaki, Japan, a sudden disrespect for the command tower fell. He just started training because an unexpected injured player came out 스포츠분석

“Tatsunori Hara (63), the manager of Nikkan Sports, said on the 5th that left-handed pitcher Kazuto Taguchi (26) was disqualified at Miyazaki Camp on the 4th. The reason was an early injury. On the first day of the training, Taguchi complained of left-handed skin pain, followed by a right thigh injury. “In the end, I didn’t throw a bullpen ball once and I was out of my power,” he said.

This year, the Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) is also conducting spring camps in Japan instead of overseas. Yomiuri is managing the team by dividing the training sites into Tokyo Dome and Miyazaki.

At the Tokyo Dome, where spring camp was set up for the first time since its opening in 1988, foreign players and key players from the first team, including Tomoyuki Sugano, Hayato Sakamoto, and Angel Sanchez, are training, while the rest of the players are staying in Miyazaki.

Manager Hara, who is checking the squad from both sides, seems to hold the training atmosphere by yelling at Taguchi, who has been injured since the first turn of the spring camp.

“Hara was injured even before the fight,” Nikkan Sports said. “Is the baseball player taking a break?” he said. It is rumored that the intensity of the disrespect was even stronger because he was a young pitcher who could both start and bullpen.

Still, Hara expressed satisfaction with the players’ overall condition. Kazuma Okamoto, 25, who is the captain of Miyazaki Camp, said, “He is leading the team well.”

Nikkan Sports explained, “Hara has a plan to lead the growth of the players by using the ‘carrot and whip’ strategy in the future.” Sports Hochi also said, “Hara said, ‘The players are actively training.’ “We are also diligently observing the training of the second-tier players.

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