Distal proximal obstruction closure If medication can’t solve


Distal proximal obstruction closure


If medication can’t solve it, you can insert a guide wire to open a successful difficulty tube with about 85% of the time, but 30% of them seemed to be in trouble again. The main causes of blockage in this area are endometrial lumps and mucus lumps. It is important to know what kind of blockage there is and decide whether natural pregnancy attempts are possible after further treatment. Of course, even if one side of the proximal disorder is identified, if there is no problem with the fallopian tube and ovary on the other side, don’t worry and try to get pregnant.

There are also ovarian neoplasty, which removes adhesion from the ovary, corrects ovarian plant whales, or creates new intubations at completely closed obstacles such as proximal regions, but secondary breeding is often used because it is not suitable for surgical treatment. Therefore, careful judgment is needed because even if you modify a tester or artificial insemination, the success rate decreases and the possibility of miscarriage is high, so you cannot revive the fallopian tube on the problematic side. If you want to succeed in natural pregnancy through treatment for distal disorders, you can try treatment.

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